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It’s Time to Check Out The Top Plastic Surgery Clinics

In society, beauty has always been respected. In literature, “attractiveness” often represents an admirable character, and “ugliness” indicates an abominable villain. From foot-bindings to Victorian corsets, nose jobs to the dangerously restrictive corsets of 1800 B.C., people of every culture and race became acquainted with beauty. Recommended reading?

Everyone has wanted to appear like their ideal. Irish immigrants who moved to New York during the late 19th Century got “English” noses in order to become Americans. Ideal?appearances in society are always determined by dominant groups. The pop-culture is constantly influenced by plastic surgery. American audiences are constantly shown images of people who have been altered by cosmetic surgery. Mike Williams has two women examine Rembrandt as he poses for a self-portrait. They say “You’d expect that someone so successful would have fixed up his nose.” In this case, attractiveness has become a part of what society considers success. Rembrandt may be a renowned painter, but women criticizing him in the cartoon don’t do so because of his artistic abilities. Instead they focus on his physical appearance. Appearance is given more importance in our society.

Can plastic surgery improve the patient’s quality of life? The results of studies show that patients report greater satisfaction with their body parts after surgery, however, there are mixed findings on the impact plastic surgery has on self-esteem and relationships.

Most patients reported feeling better after the procedure. The women who received reduction mammoplasty benefited the most. “Self worth”, self esteem”, distress and shyness”, as well as “quality of living” were all domains where improvement was seen.

Banks offer loans to cover cosmetic surgery. While plastic surgery has become more common, one wonders if the value of beauty is going to decrease when it can be purchased by anyone.

L’Image cosmetic Surgery, located on Hunter Street Parramatta NSW in Sydney Australia, is considered one of Australia’s best cosmetic and plastic surgery centres.

L’Image: Philosophy and Image

L’Image’s philosophy dictates that you are treated as a real person and not just a client or number. The procedure will be explained to you in detail, and you’ll also learn about possible side-effects. We make sure you’re comfortable both with your doctor, and the procedure.

The team is headed by our Dr. Thind Cosmetic Surgeon. He works with our group of committed men and females. We serve local, international and national clients.

The following areas are covered by our cosmetic surgery facility: